What Areas of Civil Litigation Does the Firm Practice?

Our firm is experienced in many areas of civil litigation, including personal injury, wrongful death, automobile accidents, breach of contract, employment and business law. We provide a free consultation with our knowledgeable attorneys to evaluate the individual circumstances of your case and determine how to best serve your legal needs.

What Do I Need to Bring to My Consultation?

You should be prepared to bring any paperwork or documentation that relates to your claim, such as records of injury, damages, reports from investigators/law enforcement, employment or business records, and your contract, if applicable. But don’t worry if you can’t locate or don’t have any documents to accompany you at your consultation. Our attorneys will gather as much information from you as possible that relates to your claim. We will assess your claim with the information we have and honestly tell you the likely outcome and likelihood of success. We will walk you through the litigation process step by step and keep you informed and aware as your litigation progresses.

Will My Case End Up in Court?

Not all claims necessarily end up in Court. Some can and may be resolved through other legal tactics and strategies that could result in just as favorable an outcome as it would with litigation. However, our attorneys have extensive litigation experience and know when a claim should be filed in Court, even if other tactics are implemented before filing. Our attorneys will fight for you and your claim to the fullest extent of the law.

How Long Does the Litigation Process Take?

All civil claims are different and have different time lines in which they progress due to the nature and complexity of the case. However, in many civil claims, you should know time is a factor because it may need to be filed within the statute of limitations for your particular claim, injury or damages. Once a case is filed, the time line it takes to get to trial, if it does not settle, depends on the complexity of the issues. The process of a civil claim begins with filing the complaint, the other party then files his/her appearance and answers the claim, the discovery process begins and possible pre-trial motions are litigated. All of these procedures can occur before your case gets to trial. The litigation process should not be intimidating or confusing for you, which is why our attorneys keep you involved and advised throughout the duration of your case. We are a hands-on law firm that ensures there is more than ample communication with our clients because staying informed means feeling secure in your representation. Contact us today to discuss your claim.