Civil Litigation

Our firm is experienced in many areas of civil litigation, including personal injury, wrongful death, automobile accidents, breach of contract, employment and business law. We provide a free consultation with our knowledgeable attorneys to evaluate the individual circumstances of your case and determine how to best serve your legal needs.

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Estate Planning

Often times, when people think of estate planning, they think of it in terms of creating either a will or a trust that directs how their property is to be distributed when they die.  And while this is certainly a major part of any estate plan, there are other things to consider as well.  Perhaps more important than property disposition, a good estate plan, also addresses who can make financial and health care decisions on a person’s behalf should they become incapacitated by physical or mental illness.  Through the use of Financial and Health Care Powers of Attorney, a comprehensive estate plan allows a person to delegate their medical and financial decision making abilities to someone they trust while they are still alive.  In short, estate planning is a process where a person makes legal arrangements to effectively manage and transfer property both during life and after death according to their wishes and goals.     

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Family Law

Family law encompasses many specific areas of practice which include, adoption, allocation of parental responsibilities (child custody), appeals, child support, dissolution of marriage (divorce), domestic violence, judgment enforcement, orders of protection, paternity, post-decree (post-judgment) matters, pre-marital or post-marital agreements.     

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Probate and estate administration are how an estate’s assets are transferred after someone’s death. When an individual has not planned prior to death to avoid probating his/her estate, then the state where the deceased was a resident or owned assets will require a probate court proceeding. A probate court proceeding can be supervised or unsupervised. In an unsupervised proceeding, an appointed estate administrator manages assets, pays any debts, files required tax returns and various court documents, and distributes the estate’s assets.

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However, the court can at any time require the process to be supervised, which occurs primarily when someone raises a concern about how the estate is being administered. In a supervised proceeding, the court must approve every detail of the estate administration. If you are involved in a probate proceeding or anticipate you may be, contact our firm to discuss how we can best represent your interests.

Real Estate

Our firm's real estate practice involves providing comprehensive legal services to individuals and businesses contemplating the purchase and/or sale of residential or commercial real estate. Our experienced attorneys can assist and advise you at every stage of a transaction, starting from the negotiation of the terms, drafting of documentation, and completion of due diligence, to the eventual closing of the transaction.

By working closely with clients to ensure they understand their rights and obligations, we help them achieve peace of mind. Ensuring legal compliance can smooth the way for a successful transaction and help prevent disputes. Our commitment to prompt response times and personalized attention fosters strong attorney-client relationships and often leads to more positive outcomes. 

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